Concert Review: Paul McCartney

56724314-7468-4ACC-82D6-784595964CC9.jpegThe afterglow of a Paul McCartney concert is a feeling I’ve craved for many many years, and now the moment has arrived – I can say it’s a better feeling than I ever could have wished for.

Last night I witnessed three hours of pure magic. The superstar played the most epic set you could ever imagine, so good I was brought to tears multiple times.
Every time he finished another hit, I needed to pinch myself because I knew there was still so much more to come.

The 75-year-old proved why he has earned such a huge reputation by performing with more stamina than any other artist I’ve seen live. He never tired, he only got stronger as the set went on, and that’s no easy feat when you play and sing with as much enthusiasm as he does!

With a back catalogue like his, I always knew we were in for a show with many, many singalongs. But I can’t imagine ever again feeling the fulfilment I felt last night when we got treated to this run of songs in a row: Something, A Day in the Life, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Band on the Run, Back in the U.S.S.R, Let It Be, Live and Let Die and Hey Jude. It was a bloody musical miracle – my voice was shot and I couldn’t breath from dancing so hard by the end of that run.

McCartney is a man with some stories to tell, and he had the crowd enthralled spinning tales about cab rides with the Rolling Stones, taking musical advice from the legendary George Martin and acknowledging those missing. Particularly poignant moments in the set included John Lennon tribute song Here Today and a stunning rendition of George Harrison’s Something.

Other highlights for me included Blackbird – played and sung to perfection and a delicate acoustic I’ve Just Seen a Face. But really, it was a night full of highlights. It’s not often you still want the artist to keep playing at the end of a three hour set, but in this case I was desperate to listen all night long.

The Abbey Road medley was the perfect closer to a night I’ll always remember. Paul McCartney is an artist of the highest caliber and last nights concert was the best I’ve ever been to.

Bucket list ✔️


Song of the Week – Let It Go

Let It Go – James Bay

Taking the world by storm lately is British singer James Bay. It’s obvious about 30 seconds into any of his songs that he is in for a big future. The gentle-rocker with wonderfully long locks and trademark hipster styles is quickly wracking up a massive following on the internet and getting a tonne of radio airplay ahead of the release of his debut album Chaos and the Calm, due out on the 23rd of this month.

My pick of the pre-released songs from the anticipated album is Let It Go. Really it’s the perfect indie-pop ballad. In this song I have discovered shades of Ben Howard’s guitar playing, a nice taste of Sam Smith’s intense emotion in the vocals and a song-writing style as good as the ever-lasters like James Taylor and Paul McCartney. It’s a winning equation.

But of course Let It Go isn’t just a copycat song, it stands out because James Bay takes all of those factors and still manages to give it his own signature style.

Faultless falsettos are balanced out by gripping lower-pitched croons and a chilling guitar melody played delicately keeps it from becoming just a depressing ballad. This is pop music at its best and I feel certain it’ll be an anthem well-known across New Zealand in a matter of weeks.

You can also catch a beautiful stripped-back version on Burberry Acoustic here:

Pondering Paul McCartney Possibilities

Paul McCartney and John Lennon
Paul McCartney and John Lennon

A big rumour has taken hold in New Zealand and it’s a rumour that has got me indescribably hopeful.

Paul McCartney has signalled he’s looking at playing some songs down under, there’s talk of an Australian tour, and for us Kiwis stuck in the middle of nowhere, each time a big name like this heads to Aus we cross our fingers hoping they might just add an extra date or two here.

As a muso, there are a number of acts I hope to cross off on my list of ‘artists I want to see live’. While this list chops and changes regularly, there has always been a clear number one and there’s no chance of that changing.


I feel like he’s written the perfect soundtrack to my life. I connect with each and every song in a special way.

From the ultimate ballad Let It Be which tells a gripping story of love and loss we all know, to Martha My Dear the bouncy track inspired by his relationship with his dog, to the feet-tapping Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da we sang as a family on every road trip, The Long and Winding Road which overwhelms me, bringing tears to my eyes every time, as it builds to a beautiful orchestral climax, and of course Blackbird which gives me inspiration to push through every challenge I face in life.

That of course is only to name a few, each song written by this legend is quite simplistic, especially when compared to most of today’s hits which are a technical feast. But that’s the beauty of Paul McCartney’s music. Every song is timeless, every song will be loved by generation after generation, every song shows off the power of a well-played instrument and the power of well-written lyrics.

The real dream will always be to see the full Beatles gang but since that can’t happen, Paul’s the next best thing.

Please concert promoters – make my dream come true and bring Paul McCartney to NZ.

Check out this lovely live video of Paul McCartney playing ‘Here Today’ the song he wrote about his relationship with John Lennon after he died.