Song of the Week – #88

#88 – Lo-Fang

After a bit of a new music binge over the last few weeks, a few tracks have made it onto the regular repeat list.

The song that is getting the most play is #88 by American artist Lo-Fang. The singer-songwriter from Columbia, real name Matthew Jordan Hemerlein, has a sound that’s not something you hear everyday. His tunes really grow on you the more you listen, I think because of the many factors and styles in them.

Lo-Fang’s music is quite an indie-pop sound with electronic augmentations, this is fascinating when you learn that Hemerlein was classically trained. He learnt the violin at just age 5 and spent some years teaching kids to play music – impressive right?

At the beginning of the song you would have no idea of this influence, but as it progresses a beautiful piano melody emerges and a violin bed builds into a chilling solo. This, teamed up with a grungy synth bass line, is a unique and funky sound.

Add to the mix his voice and things are sounding pretty stellar. His vocals are electronically modified in #88 yet still have soft undertones which keep it personal and lets the higher notes shine through.

This is a great tune. Check it out!