Song of the Week – Let It Go

Let It Go – James Bay

Taking the world by storm lately is British singer James Bay. It’s obvious about 30 seconds into any of his songs that he is in for a big future. The gentle-rocker with wonderfully long locks and trademark hipster styles is quickly wracking up a massive following on the internet and getting a tonne of radio airplay ahead of the release of his debut album Chaos and the Calm, due out on the 23rd of this month.

My pick of the pre-released songs from the anticipated album is Let It Go. Really it’s the perfect indie-pop ballad. In this song I have discovered shades of Ben Howard’s guitar playing, a nice taste of Sam Smith’s intense emotion in the vocals and a song-writing style as good as the ever-lasters like James Taylor and Paul McCartney. It’s a winning equation.

But of course Let It Go isn’t just a copycat song, it stands out because James Bay takes all of those factors and still manages to give it his own signature style.

Faultless falsettos are balanced out by gripping lower-pitched croons and a chilling guitar melody played delicately keeps it from becoming just a depressing ballad. This is pop music at its best and I feel certain it’ll be an anthem well-known across New Zealand in a matter of weeks.

You can also catch a beautiful stripped-back version on Burberry Acoustic here: