Song of the Week – Won’t Hurt

Won’t Hurt – The Venus Project

I feel like this is a fitting song of the week given the current climate worldwide in the fight for women’s rights and respect. Georgia Nott – one half of NZ sibling duo Broods –  has released the first track from her new solo focus The Venus Project.

Nott’s time in the world of music has made her realise how men dominate the industry, as they do many other working industries across the globe.

“I think there comes a point where you stop just thinking it’s normal and you start to realise that, actually, this is kind of f*cked that I’m the odd one out all the time,” she told Harpers Bazaar.

It was that train of thought that inspired her to create The Venus Project – an album put together entirely by women.

Won’t Hurt is the first single from the new album, which is set to be released on March 8, International Women’s Day.

It is a stunningly well put together track which showcases the epic vocals of Nott, whose vocal abilities I’ve always felt were slightly lost in the synth heavy Broods numbers.

It begins with warped vocals (interestingly they almost sound like male vocals with the distortion), a gentle keyboard and soft layers of strings which form together to create an ethereal sound. In come Georgia Nott’s spine tingling vocals and relatable lyrics alongside a mellow guitar riff, and the song is off soaring. It builds and builds into a more up-tempo pace with the introduction of a steady synth beat, and all of a sudden the track takes on an uplifting and powerful aura – particularly if you’re a woman listening and you know the meaning behind the track.

Won’t Hurt is not song that you’d have playing in the background. It’s a powerful number which demands attention – I can’t wait to see what else is in store from The Venus Project.


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