Song of the Week – When I Don’t Speak

Terrible Sons – When I Don’t Speak

My latest song of the week award goes to Kiwi duo Terrible Sons, made up of Lauren (AKA L A Mitchell) and Matt Barus (of DUKES), for their new release When I Don’t Speak. The pair have been releasing one track a year since 2015 and each has made for compelling listening. Now they’re set to release their first album in September.

This ballad has stirred something inside of me the more I’ve listened to it. The verse begin withs a gentle guitar strum and short piano melody which repeat over each other. Their simplicity and the softness with which they are played give the song an immediate tenderness.

Then add to the mix the beautifully performed vocals and When I Don’t Speak takes on a whole other layer. Together, the duo’s contrasting voices create an emotional sound which can be prone to sending shivers down your spine. This effect also seems to come about for me when it builds into the stunning piano solo towards the end.

This song is soft and simple production wise. The lyrics, melody and vocal performance carry enough weight on their own and producer Ben Edwards is clever for recognising that. I particularly recommend playing this track and soaking it up when you need a quiet moment, or on a slow and rainy day.

I for one can’t wait to discover more songs like when their album release rolls round in September.



Songs of the Week – Creature Comfort and Everything Now

I’m counting down the days until July 28th when one of the best bands of our time put out their latest album. Arcade Fire have been releasing little teasers over the last month and the first single and title track, Everything Now, is a song that everybody should be listening to. But I couldn’t single out that song alone, Creature Comfort is also constantly on repeat in my household at the mo. So I’ll have to have a dual song of the week.

These two new bangers have all the Arcade Fire trademarks their fans have come to worship. Win Butler’s ethereal voice is at its premium, the keyboard melodies and falsetto’s from Régine Chassagne take you back to the joyous times of The Suburbs album, Will Butler’s toe tapping bass lines and synth hooks make you want to bounce across the room and the layers of orchestral sound played in modern style reflect typical Arcade Fire madness.

Listening to these two tracks makes me scream out inside for another opportunity to see this band live and dance around like a person possessed. Arcade Fire embrace rhythm like no other band, each track is an instant party. It’s hard to listen to Everything Now and Creature Comfort and not feel excited about life. If you’re keen on a good time, add these tracks to your playlist and be ready to embrace the full album release on July 28th – it’s going to be a good day.