Concert Review: Coldplay in Leipzig, Germany

IMG_0236.JPGI’ve never found myself in such a state of bliss as I am at a Coldplay concert. I’ve grown up with the British bands music being a soundtrack to my life, each song, each album, is so varied yet all have equal meaning to me.

I still remember singing along to Yellow, Clocks and The Scientist with my friends at primary school, from lyric sheets we’d printed off the slow moving internet.

The first time I heard Fix You I was in the back seat of mums car when the radio station introduced the new single. I harassed mum to turn the stereo up knowing from the first few words, this was a song I was never going to forget. I rushed out to buy the album before our family holiday and it was on repeat the entire week.

Next came the most memorable event of heading along to my first Coldplay concert in 2009, the Viva La Vida tour, and crying with happiness throughout. We were seated in the very back row of the arena but didn’t feel far away, especially when the band left the stage and came and played an acoustic set, including Green Eyes, just metres from me. I made a pact to myself in that moment that I would never miss another opportunity to see this band live.

By the time I got the chance to see them again it was the Mylo Xyloto tour in 2012. Between 2009 and then I’d pestered almost every person I knew telling them about how great Coldplay were in concert and it must have rubbed off on a few people! A huge group of us headed off to the stadium and had the night of our lives dancing with our glowing wristbands and getting chills singing the songs we’d grown up with.

In 2014, Ghost Stories was released and sadly – no world tour, no chance to see them live. But we didn’t have to wait long for the fantastic A Head Full Of Dreams, and the day an email popped into my inbox “Coldplay live in NZ” I dropped everything I was doing to read it. I almost threw my phone at someone on the bus when I read that their one NZ concert was the same weekend I was going to a wedding in Australia.

So my new mission began – where in the world can I see this tour? I was already planning a Europe trip in June 2017… could Coldplay have a concert in Europe around that time by chance? Luck was on my side this time! Coldplay were playing Leipzig, Germany, on June 14th. It was meant to be! We booked our flights, tickets and planned the trip to suit the date – this was a concert I wasn’t going to miss!

Now today, June 15th, I’m sitting on a bus to Prague reminiscing on what was the most magical musical experience a gal could wish for.

Last night was a Coldplay classic. We were taken on a musical journey of their discography, from the original melancholy numbers, to the beat heavy Viva La Vida tracks and through to their modern day pop sound. Never did it get boring, these clever musicians not only played and sang beautifully but performed! The audience was always kept involved, the pace changed regularly to keep it interesting and the theatrical confetti, glowing wristbands and interactive stage were mesmerising.

Yellow, which came second in the set got everyone in the crowd in perfect spirits. It was sung beautifully by Chris Martin, who’s voice was on point all night, despite dancing around like a mad thing 90% of the time. Everglow, lead into with a chat from Martin about how great it is that despite people around the world telling us not to love everybody, people are still trying, was a clear stand out for me. Performed without theatrics, the simple piano ballad brought tears to my eyes and had me completely enthralled.


Close behind were acoustic versions of In My Place and Us Against the World which had the whole stadium “slowed down”, swaying and soaking up every word. The backing vocals of drummer Will Champion were stunning all night, but really added a lot to these two songs in particular.

My only question – why play Princess of China and Hymn for the Weekend with recordings of Rhianna and BeyoncĂ© when they could have played Fun and had Tove Lo (who opened for them) join them on stage? Seemed like a strange decision to me.


Fix You was a little lost at first when it came I n the middle of a series of upbeat, newer songs, but it was still incredibly powerful as the crescendo grew. Adventure of a Lifetime was the party song. Martin had everyone crouching down on the ground and leaping in the air while huge colourful balls flew around the crowd. It was three minutes of pure joy. Even my partner (who usually doesn’t dance) was jumping up and down all over the place!

Up and Up was a lovely song to finish on, showcasing each band members many talents, in particular two spine tingling guitar solos from Jonny Buckland, and uniting the crowd in one final singalong.

From start to finish, Coldplay put on a performance hard to rival. This has to be the reason they are unstoppable as a band. Their live shows have certainly never been topped for me, there’s nothing quite like a Coldplay concert and I feel very privileged to have been in the crowd last night.

At risk of annoying people all over again, I’ll be continuing my mantra of ‘you must see Coldplay live’ because everyone deserves a to experience the happiness I felt last night!!