Song of the Week – 8 (Circle)

8 (Circle) by Bon Iver

This song, simply put, is heroic.

Bon Iver has some kind of power over me, their music is enchanting. I find it impossible not to get caught up in it all.

The new album 22, A Million is one big musical experiment, refreshingly, each song takes you down a different road. But that doesn’t mean the end of Bon Iver as we know it, it means a new era of brilliance for Justin Vernon’s group. Bon Iver hallmarks still shine through and unite all ten tracks: the creative use of autotune, the layer upon layer of symphony sound and falsetto vocals, the lyrics which make you think.

8 (Circle) is one of the more traditional songs written by Justin Vernon on this album, but it’s still pretty quirky! The track is a modern day ballad. It gathers momentum slowly but surely, as Justin Vernon’s haunting vocals  are supported by various instruments, both old and new. The sound crafted by the contrasting male and female backing vocals and large horn section is mesmerising. As for the completely experimental production qualities (including an abrupt song finish) – they’re the perfect cream cheese icing on the ultimate carrot cake.

This song needs to be heard at full volume in a quiet setting where no one can interrupt you from the journey it takes you on. Turn it up, close your eyes, shut every other thought out and let it take you on a ride. I imagine it’ll be hard for any listener not to feel pure joy when listening to 8 (Circle).