Song of the Week – Season 2 Episode 3

Season 2 Episode 3 – Glass Animals

The quirky English indy group Glass Animals released their second album in August and listening to it is such an enjoyable time. There’s no way the songs on How to be a Human Being won’t have a positive effect on you, I reckon they’re guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The track that’s doing it for me most so far is Season 2 Episode 3 which takes the sound effects from the Pacman game and turns them into one of the funkiest melodies you’ve heard all year. From 15 seconds in it’s inevitable you’ll be grooving along.

In true Glass Animals fashion this song showcases some silly yet relatable lyrics, not only that but they’re a gas to sing along too when accompanied with such a bouncy beat.

“Lazy, and lyin’ on your belly
With a super pump cola
Lookin’ at your folded clothes
You’ve worn for three days over
With a cookie as a coaster”
Daylight savings has started now and summer is creeping in, this song should be on every indie music lovers playlist for the sunny months. Playing Season 2 Episode 3 while sitting on a deck in the sun with beer in hand = Perfect!

Song of the Week – Signals

Signals – Júníus Meyvant

About a month ago a friend of mine introduced me to this wonderful musician. Júníus Meyvant is a singer-songwriter from Iceland who produces pop music with a folk influence.

Júníus Meyvant’s debut album Floating Harmonies came out in July and is a stunning piece of work. Listening to it start to finish takes you on a journey, it drifts from upbeat brass lead pieces which make you want to take on the world to tracks which make you want to curl up snug inside on a rainy day.

Signals is an example of one of his gentler tracks and is probably the one I’ve connected with most so far.

The song begins with an intricate guitar riff (which reminds me of raindrops) before Meyvant’s vocals pour in over the top giving it an ethereal quality. The song builds its layers bit by bit. Next a solid base beat is added in followed by the strings and percussion which bring it all together with a real wow factor.

There are so many different elements but they all work together magically and grow into an impressive united sound as the song progresses. Signals makes for a lovely listen.

Other tracks worth giving your first listen from Floating Hamornies include Hailslide, Gold Laces, Neon Experience and Color Decay.

Song of the Week – I Lie Awake Every Night

I Lie Awake Every Night- James Vincent McMorrow

The creative genius that is James Vincent McMorrow has dropped his latest album We Move and it features a superb selection of tracks.

I’ve been cranking the first single release Rising Water for months and am still yet to tire of it, but in the last two weeks the song I Lie Awake Every Night has taken over as my favourite feature on this album.

McMorrow’s sound has developed a lot over his three albums, he’s obviously been experimenting a lot and working to find his true identity as a musician. This song is the perfect combination of the gentle ballads from Early in the Morning and his grooving electronica experiments in the bonus tracks on Post Tropical like When I Leave.

I Lie Awake Every Night cruises at the beginning and is lovely listening but it’s the chilling falsettos that take over in the bridge that give this song real oomph. His vocals are McMorrow’s real strength and paired with quality production it makes for magic listening.