Song of the Week – 22 (OVER S∞∞N)

22 (OVER S∞∞N) – Bon Iver

This song makes me immensely satisfied. Bon Iver are back working their magic and 22 (OVER S∞∞N) is the best reward to a long wait for new material.
In typical Justin Vernon fashion this song showcases eclectic production. Right from the get go the base line fades in and out, a woman’s auto-tuned voice sets the theme – ‘it might be over soon’. She sounds almost chipmunk-like and the fuzzy base line drops off from time to time as if going in and out of reception – sounds crazy right? Well it is, but it works. As always Bon Iver have taken crazy ideas and made them into something wonderful.
Of course this isn’t all about modern instruments, the stunning vocals of Vernon and backing members like Sean Carey are the key component to this song which builds and builds throughout. The entrance of the horn section and electric guitar brings all the pieces of the puzzle together and by two minutes in this song really takes off.
It’s a tricky one to explain but 22 (OVER S∞∞N) is one hell of a song. I’m dreaming of seeing it come to life live on stage.
Now to get working on a plan to get Bon Iver back to Wellington….

Song of the Week – Alaska

Alaska by Maggie Rogers

I’m sitting by the water in the Auckland viaduct watching the sun sparkle on the water and the water ripple beneath the boats. It’s peaceful and beautiful in every  sense of the words but this serenity has been enhanced by another element – the sound of Alaska by Maggie Rogers.
You may remember the video that went viral earlier this year of Pharrell Williams being absolutely blown away by a Uni students music? Well that song we all loved as much as he did, has finally been released.

Alaska by NYU student Maggie Rogers, originally from Maryland, is a mix of folk and the electronica sound. Both of these styles dominate the music industry today yet few songs seamlessly bring together the two sounds like this track. It features a funky yet gentle beat and beautiful lyrics about a walk through the woods, sung to showcase an impressive range by Rogers. There’s a real strength in her voice and its grown by the calm quality she has, her vocals are so controlled it’s a stunning quality.

Chuck your headphones in and have a listen while sitting in an idyllic spot like I am. There’s no better way to start your day. (Especially when you’re about to be stuck inside at a conference all day!)