Song of the Week – I Need A Forest Fire

I  Need A Forest Fire – James Blake and Bon Iver

When it’s a track by James Blake and Bon Iver you just know I Need A Forest Fire is going to be a good song before you even hit play. The excitement I felt when hearing that these two were collaborating again was immense, their last coming together gave us the wonderful Fall Creek Boys Choir, now we can rejoice again, because I Need a Forest Fire is even better.

The song comes from James Blake’s latest album The Colour in Anything,  which dropped earlier this month. It starts with a spooky church organ keyboard melody which soon melds into the pairs signature experimental style with synthesizers taking over. But there’s no stopping Justin Vernon’s chilling vocals from shining through. His voice is ethereal as it bursts across the ever developing bass of the song. Blake works his magic throughout, layering up sound upon sound, voice upon voice, until the song culminates in a moment of wild noise before fading into silence.

I Need A Forest Fire  is an outstanding song which will send shivers down your spine each time you listen to it. It’s getting a thrashing from me, trust me and add it to your latest playlist ASAP!