Song of the Week – So Real

So Real – Bloc Party

Indie English band Bloc Party have taken on a few different sounds over the years and many are critical of the more electronic elements of their most recent stuff, but I think  it works in some instances. So Real is the perfect example of their new found subtlety working in their favour.

It’s a more mellow sound than we’re used to from the rockers. A combination of soft synth, a gentle drumbeat and Kele Okereke’s distinctive and syncopated vocals make for smooth verses, before a groovy guitar riff dominates the short but effective two-word chorus.

So Real tells a sad story which isn’t surprising when Hymns, the album it comes from, is widely acknowledged as being a break up record. It’s the first release since Gordon Moakes and Matt Tong moved on and you can tell writers Okereke and Russell Lissack are feeling the change.

Knowing this background gives the song a new quality and makes it a more meaningful listen. The lyrics are soulful and compelling in their storytelling.

“Although it hurts, tears are not enough
To dissolve all the pain I’m feeling
Must not much have mattered, must I?
Moving forwards
Did not take long to pass me by
Moving onwards”

It may not be an album of hits but Hymns is worth a listen for the few special tracks like So Real, have a listen!