The 3 Best GRAMMY 2016 Moments

  1. David Bowie tribute by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has once again proven herself as a true performer. After last years Sound Of Music tribute I knew we were in for a treat when we found out she was taking on the very important job of the Bowie tribute. It was more than that, her ten song medley was outstanding. She was vivacious, funky, vocally perfect and respectful in her imitation of the music hero.

2. Kendrick Lamar – The Blacker the Berry and Alright


If viewers weren’t already waiting for this moment -they should have been. Kendrick Lamar did not disappoint, he blew us all away. He showcased new song The Blacker the Berry in a prison saga, before switching to black-light glowing dance routines and busting out the mesmerising Alright. It was magical, so good I’ve already re-watched it on YouTube six times since the live event.

3. Jackson Browne and The Eagles tribute to Glenn Frey -Take It Easy


In a poignant moment during the show a tear came to my eye as the remaining Eagles took to the stage with Bernie Leadon and Jackson Browne to perform Take It Easy in Glenn Frey’s memory. The song was written by Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey and recorded by the Eagles with Frey singing lead vocals. It was the band’s first single, released on May 1, 1972. It must have still been so raw for them to play such a special song for their friend yet they did it admirably. It was a powerful moment.


Song of the Week – 10 Feet Tall


10 Feet Tall -Fat Freddy’s Drop

It’s never a true Kiwi summer until you’ve sat in the sun on a glorious day, beer in hand while Fat Freddy’s Drop thuds from the stereo. This dub band is a quintessential New Zealand act and their latest album BAYS lives up to all expectations as always.

My current crank from this LP is 10 Feet Tall. It’s got the Freddy’s dub-beat, snazzy brass section sexing things up, the soulful voice of Dallas Tamaira – how could it go wrong?

10 Feet Tall doesn’t need much explanation, it just needs listening.