Song of the Week – Collapse


Collapse – Vancouver Sleep Clinic

I was lucky enough last week to get two concerts in one. Vancouver Sleep Clinic opened for Angus and Julia Stone at the Civic in Auckland last week and absolutely blew me away.

No VSC isn’t a band, but is instead a genuis 17 year-old from Brisbane, Tim Bettinson. Taking inspiration from Bon Iver he has managed to create a contemporary electronica sound full of emotion, far more than one would expect from a teenager.

Collapse is the first track from his forthcoming debut EP Winter. It is hauntingly beautiful (especially when turned up really loud). Full of melancholy, the track is a slow and steady song brought together with the use of a synth, keyboard and fantastic drum beat. The tune is written in the classic electronica build-up style, it starts gently, crescendoes into a more vibrant chorus, takes it up a notch further with a  moody bridge, before subsiding into a more muted verse again.

Bettinson’s vocals are the star of the show, he sings in a beautiful Justin Vernon like falsetto, slurring his words much like the Bon Iver genius. That’s not to say he’s like Vernon in every way however, for a start you can actually understand what his lyrics mean, and they’re quite lovely!

“It’s so cold, I’ve come out
Where’s the all I have to show
The knowledge that I’ve never known
The garden that I failed to grow”

See what I mean? Once again, I’m still amazed a 17-year-old boy can write lyrics and music with such a mature quality.

He performs like he’s been doing it for years. In his set on Sunday Bettinson and band had the whole theatre enraptured, a hard ask for an opening act. He performed with a real confidence, played instruments like he was born to do nothing else, gelled with his bandmates impressively and sang gloriously. His music really came to life on stage and I was completely sold.

I think if you check him out, you will be too.


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