Song of the Week – Someone Will

Rhob Cunningham
Rhob Cunningham

Someone Will – Rhob Cunningham

I’ve got another thing to thank James Vincent McMorrow for and that’s introducing me to his friend, Irish musician Rhob Cunningham. This guy is a very talented chap!

A quick google search tells me Mr Cunningham hails from Dublin and currently lives in Berlin, he’s just written a new album called The Window and Day. To put it simply, it’s just lovely.

McMorrow recommended on his Facebook page to check out his song Someone Will because it’s his favourite on the record and makes him “cry every time”. After one listen I can see why. What a stimulating, heart felt accoustic ballad this is.

The song bursts right into two lines of high falsetto which is quickly contrasted by a lower, softer and folky vocal from Cunningham. Right from the get go you know what you’re going to get in the song and I love that. The choruses return to that same high pitched tone and even though it is such a simple transition it works as a stunning difference to the more subtle verses.

Cunningham is backed only by an accoustic guitar and soft use of a double bass and flute. His vocals are so simple sometimes they sound like he’s almost talking, but that’s a quality I love. During the verses his voice reminds me of Marcus Mumford but not as raw, while the chorus echoes the popular sound of his mate Mr McMorrow and other artists who dominate the falsetto sound like Justin Vernon.

His cause was also helped when a quick google of Rhob Cunningham lead me to his personality-filled website. This guy sounds like an hilarious man who I’d love to meet. Take his online bio for example:

“third person paragraph*

*he’s sorry that he hasn’t updated his bio recently.

rhob is a musician,
you could say he was from dublin

He’s happy with
the songs he writes,
though some aren’t rightly
happy songs.

He’s pretty darned proud of the Our Little Secrets album and he’s looking forward to releasing that there oft whispered solo album.

If he could go back in time he would tell his teenage self to look after his teeth
’cause this one at the back is a goner now.”

Comic genius right?

This song is going to be on regular repeat for me along with the rest of his album. What a discovery!

You can listen to his offerings on the Soundcloud link below or purchase the record on Bandcamp. Enjoy!


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