Song of the week – Southern Sun


Southern Sun – Boy and Bear

A couple of weeks ago I agreed to buy tickets to a concert with a friend, I’d never heard of the band before but the Aussie group came highly recommended. Now, after some serious listening, I’m ever so grateful that I get to see this group live. The band is of course Boy and Bear, the indie folk-rock group hailing from Sydney.

Southern Sun is the song that’s really taken my fancy during my investigation, it’s a stunning track with all the trademarks of an indie hit. The intro is a tease that’s so different from what’s to come. It’s a slowed down, echoey melody with a sound similar to Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal. It’s attention grabbing without a doubt and for that reason it leads perfectly into the main sound of the track which has a bouncy, toe-tap-inducing quality that we’ve all come to love in this popular indie-folk sound conquering music charts today. The tune has elements of Crowded House (in fact, they actually recorded a cover of Fall at Your Feet for an album dedicated to the Finn brothers – check it out, it’s awesome) and Mumford and Sons, with a perfect combination of catchy lyrics and an effective layer of instruments.

It starts with a simple, upbeat accoustic guitar strum, but it’s not long before a grungy reptitive electric guitar hook comes across on top of the riff, adding a groovy quality. Next comes quality backing vocals which add a crowd pleasing ‘aaaaaaaah’ singalong through the chorus and pick things up a notch. Singer Dave Hosking has a fantastic sound, he dominates each verse with his distinctive, gravelly vocals and is complimented perfectly by the band behind him.

Southern Sun is a tremendous song, I’m amazed it hasn’t been picked up for airplay here in NZ. So simple yet effective. It’s the first single from their album Harlequin Dream which was released a year ago and quickly climbed into 7th place on Triple J’s Top 10 albums of 2013 poll. Rightly so, this is a fantastic band with a long way to go in their career. I can’t wait to see them play Bodega in Wellington next month.


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