Song of the week – A Heartbreak


A Heartbreak – Angus and Julia Stone

In the same week I managed to snag tickets to this awesome Australian brother-sister duo’s first live appearance in New Zealand, they’ve let us get an early preview of their new album.

I’m happy to say, after only an hour of listening, this is the best material each of them have produced yet and this concert is going to be one hell of a gig.

A Heartbreak is the first track on the new LP and 30 seconds into my first listen I instantly thought ‘this is a hit’. For the first time in their musical history the pair have written the songs together rather than separately. It’s glorious to hear their voices complimenting each other. They both have such a different and unique style and that’s always been an interesting element to their albums, both together and solo, in the past. But in this self-titled third record it’s obvious they’ve really found their place and sound in the folk-music world.

A Heartbreak showcases Angus’ grunty, funky style with a perfect dose of Julia’s romanticism. Where in the past Angus’ songs have screamed out for a female harmony (which to me always seemed so weird it was missing when Julia was right there?) they now have them. A Heartbreak is the perfect example of this on the album. The toe-tapping melody is really brought to life with the contrast of their two voices.

This is a catchy, upbeat track from the duo. It’s got an element of drumbeat like what you’d hear from The Black Keys which really gives it some spunk. Then in the bridge is the Angus guitar solo I was waiting for. It’s a simple riff but it makes me grin with pleasure to hear it. The lyrics too compliment everything about this song. They’re not the most inspiring you’ve ever heard but they work with the light and lovely sound the track resonates. It’s a song I can see people driving in their cars, singing along to, tapping their fingers on the steering wheel.

Angus and Julia were already real favourites of mine but this album will definitely have them making their way further up my list.

You can stream the whole record for free on the Triple J website this week before it’s officially released on Friday August 1st.

Ps. Before I discovered I could stream this latest album I was about to write my song of the week about another one of their tunes anyway – spooky! If you don’t already follow Angus and Julia Stone (which you’re crazy not to) I think their best song previous to this album is Yellow Brick Road, make sure you check that one out too.


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