Song of the week – Oceans by Coldplay


Oceans – Coldplay

iTunes is now free streaming Coldplay’s much anticipated new album Ghost Stories. From the record Oceans is my pick for best song. Of course the album is of particular interest to many to see how many details of his ‘conscious uncoupling’ from Gwyneth Paltrow Chris Martin gives away in each song. But for me (a BIG Coldplay fan) it was more about getting to hear more new material from this incredible, ever-changing band.

If you look back at the groups last three albums it’s pretty evident that they’ll never be afraid to try something new and push the boundaries. Somehow each and everytime, no matter what new sound they’re testing on us, they manage to get me hooked and with Ghost Stories they’ve done it again. I loved the first release Midnight even though I was asking myself ‘since when did Coldplay become Bon Iver?’ I was still happy  – because what kind of crazy person doesn’t like Bon Iver? It is a hauntingly beautiful song which builds to a chilling climax. Then came Magic. What a tune! It has a solid base beat, a funky rhythm, Martin’s trademark falsettos, insightful lyrics and more. It has been on regular rotate on my playlist.

This album is taking a step towards electronica and both Midnight and Magic showcase that. Don’t get me wrong – I like that new sound, but what kind of Coldplay fan would I be if I didn’t love their original ballads like Clocks, the Scientist and Fix You best of all. The reason Oceans truly appeals to me is because it most reflects the bands old sound. The soft, slow ballad about change is gentle but electric. It keeps in stride with the other songs on Ghost Stories with an eerie sounding electric guitar slide resonating behind Martin’s voice. Martin carries it perfectly with stunning use of light and shade in his voice, much like he does in old hits Amsterdam and Trouble.  Drummer Will Champion maintains a pulsating soft beat on an electric drum-kit which ties in all the elements together.

Chris Martin has done it again lyrics-wise. There’s definitely a hint of Paltrow in his words. He talks about love, change and finding himself alone. It’s beautiful stuff. I particularly love this verse:

“I’m ready for it all, love…
I’m ready for the change.
Meet under sunlight,
Meet me again,
In the rain,
In the rain.”

This song is a Coldplay classic. It’s the perfect soulful ballad with which you can lose yourself in the emotion. I certainly already have.

Coldplay – it’s good to have you back.

Check out the video below of the group performing the track live for BBC Radio 1. It’s brilliant – what more can you expect from the band who does ‘live’ best?


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