The acts I can’t wait to see at Glastonbury 2014


Yesterday the line up for Glastonbury 2014 was released. I’ve been waiting for this day for months. When we some how managed to get tickets in October it seemed to good to be true. We were excited enough about just going to England and going to the festival but we knew the day the line up was released our elation would reach new heights – and sure enough, it did just that.

Of course there are so many good acts named it’s hard to know where to start but there are three clear favourites for me on the bill that I can’t wait to see.

Here’s who and why:

1. Jurassic 5

I have been waiting to see these guys live for as long as I can remember. They are the epitome of what hip-hop music should be in my eyes. Not your average rappers, these guys don’t feel the need to swear through every song, rap about shooting people or rap about race. Their songs are about life, and life as a catchy tune. Each and every album they’ve released is jam packed with melodic hip-hop beats which I never tire of listening to. Their rhymes are unique and fun-loving and I hear their stage show is much the same. This is one act at Glastonbury I will not miss a second of, my joy that I’m finally going to get to see them play is unreal.

Songs I’ll be hanging out for: Concrete Schoolyard, What’s Golden

2. Arcade Fire

I’ve already seen these guys play twice and both times they have well and truly lived up to their reputation as a top live act. Their energy is like no other, their voices are perfect, their music is like no other and has an unreal effect on one when heard live. It’s obvious to me why these guys are the main Glastonbury act – in 2014 no other band really compares.

Seeing this video from Lollapalooza, in which Julian Casablancas gate crashes their set, has certainly helped to grow my eagerness to see this rockin’ band once again. They just know how to put on a fantastic show and I feel confident no two sets will ever be the same. God I can’t wait to see things like this happen at Glasto.

Songs I’ll be hanging out for: No Cars Go, Porno, Rebellion

3. James Blake

This man is the genius of electronica music. His songs are spine-tingling. Each track from his album Overgrown is a favourite on my iPod. I can’t wait to see these hauntingly beautiful songs brought to life on stage. I know it’ll be the kind of set which has a base line which you can feel thumping through your chest, the songs will build up to glorious heights and the vocals will be mind-blowing. This is one act everybody will be lining up for and I’ll be front of the queue.

Songs I’ll be hanging out for: Retrograde, Limit to your Love

Other acts I’ve never seen live before that aren’t far behind on the list are Jack White, Ed Sheeran, Robert Plant, Jake Bugg, Massive Attack, Jamie XX, Foster the People, Blondie and Lana Del Rey. 

Other acts I’ve seen and can’t wait to see again include the Black Keys, Kasabian, Lily Allen, the 1975 and Chromeo. 


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